Tuscany at Midtown Reviews

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Where do I start....1) The office staff is extremely polite, courteous, professional, and honest. In the words of the young folks, they keep it 100. 2) The laborers are hardworking. If they do not understand/know how to fix an issue, the office staff steps in to ensure the qualified laborer works the job properly. 3) With the exception of the tenants who refuse to use the traffic bins, the grounds remain acceptable and clean. Additionally, the grounds remain manicured and well maintained. 4) In the time I've lived here, I've never seen a law enforcement officer engage with a tenant (or tenant's guest) because of a disturbance. In fact, I've never seen a law enforcement officer in the apartment complex. 5) I'm not a pet owner, but I can tell management caters to those who own pets based on the area allocated for pet owners to walk and play with their pets. 6) The area is mostly quiet and pleasant. I will miss this place....it's very hard to say goodbye to Tuscany at Midtown. I fully recommend anyone moving to Montgomery or wanting a change in the local area to strongly consider Tuscany!!! Kenny


Nice place. High rent.


I love it here. It's nice & quiet , haven't had any problems. People in the office is very friendly and helpful. I would recommend this place to anyone.